At Aliya Impex, we are dedicated to advancing the sustainability of clothing. Our continuous investments in cutting-edge systems and eco-friendly business practices reflect our commitment to a healthier environment. This includes the adoption of tools and technology that significantly reduce water and energy consumption in the manufacturing of garments, particularly in the production of jeans. Moreover, our ongoing investments in innovative materials position us as industry leaders in minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of polyester and cotton, spanning from cultivation to disposal in landfills.

To ensure the effectiveness of our sustainability efforts, we meticulously track Environmental Impact Measurement data, providing transparent and insightful information to our clients.

At Aliya Impex, we take a proactive approach to chemical management. We have a dedicated Technical Representative solely focused on reducing the use of harmful chemicals within our supply chain. Our commitment to safety is evident in our sourcing practices; we exclusively acquire chemicals from licensed vendors equipped with comprehensive compliance documentation, including PSD, CIL, and SDS. This unwavering dedication to sustainable practices underscores our vision for a greener and more responsible future in the fashion industry.